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Titanium Anode Coating

Platinum Coated Titanium Anode

Platinum Coated Titanium Anode

Platinum coated titanium anode is a special electroplating process. It can be plated with platinum on the surface of the cleaned titanium base material. The surface of the product is silver white, the coating is uniform and compact, the binding is firm, the output current is large, the service life is long, the application scope is wide....
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Platinum coated titanium anode

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titanium anode

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titanium anode



Ruthenium coated titanium anode


Grade1 pure titanium as substrate


Plate/sheet/board, mesh,tube/,disc etc

Coating type

Ruthenium Iridium oxide

Coating technique

Sand blasting or Acid washing Brush painting and Oxidation

Working Parameter

Current density≤2000A/M2


PH 0.1~14

Max content of Fluoride ion is 200PPM

Main Characteristics

Operating voltage is stable

Long service life

Light weight


For chlorinators, swimming pool disinfection,etc


1. Titanium anodes are also called MMO coated or coating anodes, DSA anodes or insoluble anodes.

2. Titanium cathodes are also provided.

3. Sample order is available.

4.A large quantity means a best price for customers


Plastic or paper as inside, plywood case or carton as outside, or according to client's demand


1. Low Density and High Specification Strength
2. Excellent Corrosion Resistance
3. Good Resistance to Effect of Heat 
4. Excellent Bearing to Cryogenics Property
5. Nonmagnetic and Non-toxic

6. Good Thermal Properties

7. Low Modulus of Elasticity

Titanium Anode Production Process

Titanium anode production process.png

Package and Shipping 

Package: plastic bags and form paper as inside, wooden case as outside 

Shipping Terms: 

1.For the sample order: we also use International Express freight: Such as: 

DHL, TNT, EMS, UPS and so on.

2.If your quantity is large, we will consider the Air or Sea Transport, all the 

detail terms we will discuss in the Contract.


Application of titanium anode

1.Water ionizer or water electrolysis 
*Making alkaline and acidic water.

2.Waste water treatment
*Organic sewage treatment, *Chemical sewage treatment, *Pesticide sewage treatment, *Drinking water disinfection,*Bleaching & dyeing, *Swimming pool *Domestic sewage treatment, *Hospital sewage treatment,*Food industry disinfection etc.

3.Sodium Hypochlorite Generator & Chlorinator 
*Swimming pool water treatment*Water sterilization & water purification,*Anti-fouling,etc.

4.Sea water electrolysis or Electrodialysis

*Desalination, *Material recycling in the waste water,*Paper making, *Chemical, medical industry,*Light industry, *Metallurgy, *Making fresh water, etc.

5.Chlor-Alkali Industry

*Electroplating Zn,Cr,Ni,Pd,Au,etc.*Metal electrodeposition,such as Ag, Au, Rh, Pd,Cu, Zn, Ni,Cr…*Ag electrolysis*Electrolysis Copper Foil*Recover Hg

7.Battery Producing

8.Cathodic Protection

Company information


1.JTHW is a titanium enterprise intergrating designing, manufacturing, selling and service together. 

2.The factory is located in Baoji City, known for titanium, and enjoys a great development prospect.

3.We are specialized in manufacturing high quality and customized standard parts, non-standard parts in titanium products.

4. We are actively expending the domestic and foreign market constantly. With the joint effort of all our workmates, we have successfully conquered the market of Eastern Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. 

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working machine



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Cantact us:

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We are looking forward to your inquiring.

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    Shaanxi Jingtian Huawao Industry Development Co.,Ltd

    ADD: No.1, 2/F, Building22, Zuoan Resident Community, Gaoxin Road 36, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, China

    TEL: +86 0917 3574578


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